How do I get in touch with PARC American Dredging Services?

You can reach us by phone: (985) 217-9252 or by email:

Does PARC have a visiting address?

Our address in Houma is our postal address. We work from mobile workshops. You can always make an appointment and we will visit you.

What does a mobile workshop look like?

A mobile workshop is a 40ft container that has been converted into a workshop, storage space, and canteen. The mobile workshop can be transported by truck. An external power connection or a generator is required for the power supply.

Can I rent a mobile workshop?

We use the mobile workshop only for our own repairs and do not rent it out to third parties. We can advise you on the purchase and design of a mobile workshop.

Can I get a quote by sending photos to you?

Based on photos, we can give you advice about repairs without obligation. For a damage report and a quotation, a specialist always assesses the damage on site first.

How long will the repair work take?

The duration of the repair depends on the amount of hoses and the damage. A major repair job can take up to two months, but minor damage repair can be done in a day.

Do you always work outside?

The repair work always takes place outside. To ensure quality, we do not repair below 45 ˚, nor in the rain.

What is needed on site to carry out the work?

We bring our people and mobile workshop to your location. At the yard we need space, a crane and electricity.

How many people work at Parc ADS?

Parc ADS has permanent employees but hires extra staff for major jobs.  Management and monitoring of quality and safety are supervised.

Does Parc ADS work in all states?

Parc ADS works in all states of the US.

Our Esteemed Customers

Callan Marine
Hagler Group
Encore Dredging Partners
Manson Construction Co.
Western Dredging Association
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LCC